Information and Forms
Moving Out

Moving out or Changing units: Instructions and reminders for moving out or changing units

Cleaning checklist and Tips

How to handle unannounced prospective tenants: Policy and Instructions

For shared housing (room rentals) only:

Final Account Statement: Info about the final statement you receive after vacating

Mail for the Owner/Previous tenant

Receiving mail for the owner or previous tenant? Please do this:

  1. All mail that is postmarked Pre-sort Standard or PresrtĀ Std is bulk/junk mail — you may throw it away.
  2. Mail postmarked First Class or PresrtĀ First Class and is addressed to the owner: please send us a photo and we'll ask the owner if it's needed.
  3. For any other First Class postage mail, write RTS ("Return to sender") across the front in large letters and give it back to the mail person ‐ they'll notify the sender.
City Utility Services

Contacts for water, trash, telephone, etc


To obtain reimbursement for shared expenses or items you paid for on behalf of the house or owner. (PDF file, 21k): Request for Reimbursement