About the Final Statement of Your Account

Applies to shared housing only

Why am I receiving another statement? Why do I owe utilities? When will I receive my deposit back?

After you move out of shared housing, you will receive two more statements. This is due to the lag time in receiving invoices for the utilities.


Let’s say you vacate April 15. You are going to receive statements on May 1 and June 1:

May 1: The statement you receive on May 1 will cover rent for May ($0) and shared expenses from two months back, March. This is because the bills for expenses/utilities used in March are mailed to us in April and entered into our system at the end of April, so they appear on your May statement.

June 1: You will also receive a statement on June 1. It covers rent for June ($0) and the shared expenses from April, your final month. Since you moved out mid-month, the statement will show your pro-rated (15 days) share of the expenses for April.

To verify that this makes sense, you’ll notice that there were no shared expenses on your first statement when you moved in. If you have any questions, please contact us.