Please do not show the house to anyone that you have not personally invited to consider living here. There are several reasons for this:

SCREENING: The property manager must personally meet each prospective tenant. As we show the house, we are evaluating if they will be a good match. If someone else shows them the house, we lose that important interaction.

ETIQUETTE: No one should show up to view someone’s home without first making an appointment. If they do, they are not automatically eliminated as a prospective tenant, but if they don’t have commonsense etiquette, we would like to know that.

IT’S THE MANAGER’S JOB: We appreciate anyone being generous enough to be willing to show the house. However, this is your home and we want you to relax when you’re home. We don’t want to impose on you to do the property manager’s job.

How to Handle Prospects at the Door

If someone shows up asking to see the house, ask if they have an appointment.

Thank you