Rental Rewards Program

Get rewarded for being a good tenant! Rental Rewards is a free incentive program to:

Most people feel more comfortable when they’re familiar with their housemates and have a stable lifestyle. To encourage long-term residency, we are offering a free gift on each 12-month anniversary date. Choose from one of these:

image of Entertainment book Entertainment Book (hundreds of coupons for 2-for-1 meals, 50% discounts, local attractions, etc)

image of popcorn Movies tickets for two

Most people would like to eventually own their own place. To help you achieve that, we will credit 5% of all the rent you ever paid toward your own home when you purchase through Steve Rumberg. We also have 103% financing for first-time buyers!

Not ready to buy yet, but know someone who wants to buy or sell? We do a great job helping people buy and sell homes. Refer them to us and live rent-free for a month!

image of house Own your own home — we’ll help you make it possible!

We know that our best housemates are often referred by other residents. If you refer someone who is accepted, 1% of their monthly rent will be credited to your account every month for one full year. The credit ends if either of you vacates. *Note: this feature applies only to tenants of properties owned by Steve Rumberg. Properties owned by others are not participating.

image of friends Referring friends earns you rewards!

Finally, we know most people want their home to look as nice as possible and save money. So do we! If you suggest a cost-savings, we’ll reward you with 20% of the savings over the next 12 months while you live with us. And, if you take approved action to improve or protect the property, we’ll compensate you for that, too!

image of workers Benefit from improving or protecting the property!

Program Details

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