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Room for rent
1 room available: $800
🛌 4 bedrooms🛀 3 bathrooms📐1800 s.f.💵 $800 per month
No pets 🚭

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You'll be very comfortable in this quiet, spacious (1800 sq ft) home in a safe, peaceful Cambrian neighborhood.

We'd like you to feel that this your home. You'll have full house privileges, including swimming pool, large refrigerator, full-size washer & dryer, washing your car, use of garage work area, etc. The large kitchen has an electric stove with a BBQ grill, plenty of counter space, plus your own cabinets for personal storage. There's a separate living room with a fireplace to watch TV, read, etc. You can enjoy fresh fruit anytime from the trees in the backyard, which is wood-fenced, private and grassy. There is also a family room for ironing, reading, etc. We use the garage for storage (you can bring a few things) but there is plenty of space for parking in the driveway and directly in front of the house.

Including yourself, a total of 4 people live here. This is a quiet, relaxing home with a lot of privacy (it's not a party house). I've never had any problem residents, so I think you'll enjoy the atmosphere. The house is kept tidy.
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STATUS: The availability of each room is shown as: Available, Rented, or Pending. Pending means that we have approved an applicant and are waiting for them to sign the rental agreement and pay the deposit; if they don't complete this step, the room will again become available. When a room is rented we immediately change the status, so please rely on the displayed status - there's no need to contact us to ask if it's available.

Bedroom 4 - UpstairsStatus: Available (as of Sun, Jun 4 2023 at 2:10 pm Pacific Time) Rent: $800Move in: Available now
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A clean, 10 x 12' bedroom sharing a bathroom with only 1 person. Includes one in-room closet. The window overlooks the neighborhood in front of home. This room is in very good condition and includes a ceiling fan with lights. To protect the hardwood floor, you must provide area carpet(s) with rubber backer mat (not vinyl) and foot protectors for furniture.

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Each room has telephone and cable connections, a door lock, and high-speed Internet (wired and wireless). None of the rooms are furnished.

🚭 No smoking any substance in this home.

No pets No pets accepted.

🚗 Parking is available on the street.

🤽 This property/community has a pool.

🌐 Internet is available.

🔥 Renter’s insurance is not required, but it’s highly recommended to protect yourself from liability. It’s inexpensive and available from most insurance companies and online. Note that landlord insurance does not cover tenants’ personal belongings.

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Everyone is friendly but no one is home much, so it’s a quiet home and easy to relax. There are no age restrictions, but generally our housemates ages range from the mid-20’s to mid-40’s. If you are respectful of others, we’d like to talk to you. Any age, gender or orientation is welcome, but partiers & heavy drinkers are not. Feel free to entertain and occasional overnight guests are okay. Occasional alcohol is okay, no drugs. This is a non-smoking property.

What about pets? Small pets will be considered but, unfortunately, no cats or dogs.

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The utilities are shared equally, approximately $150/person each month, which includes cable TV, Internet, water, gas, electricity, trash, gardener and monthly housekeeping. You may have landline phone service, if you wish. The security deposit is 1.5 times one month’s rent, and you may pay it over three months if your credit is excellent. Your entire deposit will be returned when the room is vacated in good condition.

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Get rewarded for being a good tenant! Our unique Rental Rewards is a free incentive program to encourage long-term residency, encourage referrals of good prospects, and encourage good care of the house.

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We rent only to applicants whom we have met in person.

1. The first step is to drive by the property.

2. Next, Request a Showing Appointment.

3. A property manager will contact you to arrange a showing.

4. After the showing, if you’d like to rent the property, make an informal lease proposal.

5. If we have a match, we’ll email you an invitation to apply online. There is a $30 fee for the credit history and background screening report. If you apply but we do not process your application (i.e. we accept someone else who applied before you), we won’t collect the fee.

Important: If you make an appointment and cannot keep it or will be late, please be considerate and let us know the moment you realize it. We are making a special trip to the house for you! We’ll wait 10 minutes and if you’re not there, we’ll consider it a no-show.

There is no need to bring paperwork to the showing. If you are invited to apply, that’s when to submit your application. Applications are processed only from prospective tenants whom we have met in person.

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We consider the overall profile when selecting an applicant:

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Q: Is the property or unit available?

A: The current status is shown on our home page. As soon as the status changes, we update the website.

Q: My credit is bad/awful/can’t be described in words. Will you consider me?

A: Yes. We realize that stuff happens. If you’re a good person, please apply and we’ll discuss your situation.

Q: I can’t pay the deposit all at once. May I make payments?

A: Possibly. If you have good credit and can pay at least one-third up-front, or have no credit or poor credit and can pay at least one-half up-front, AND offer us an acceptable plan for paying the balance, we will work with you. Otherwise, the deposit will be due up front.

Q: I’m coming from out of the area and would like to rent. May I apply?

A: Sorry, we don’t rent to anyone we haven’t met. Let us know when you’ll be in town and we’ll show you the property.

Q: I’d like to visit the property. When we meet, should I bring anything?

A: No, you don’t need to bring anything.

Q: For shared housing, may I meet the other housemates?

A: Yes, you are welcome to meet anyone who is home when you visit and ask them any questions you wish, but we don’t ask the housemates to be available for showings because they have their own schedules.

Q: My personality is like _____. Will you consider me?

A: If you are responsible and considerate of others, we would like to talk to you.

Q: May my spouse/significant other/parent rent with me?

A: Sorry, our rooms are for one person only.

Q: Can my significant other stay over?

A: Yes, occasional overnight guests are allowed. However, only tenants specified in the rental agreement may live at the house.

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Thank you for your interest. We hope that you like the property.

To arrange a showing, Request a Showing Appointment.

If this is not a match for you, try our other properties and sign up for free Rental Alerts to be notified when new rentals become available.

If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you: steve@krcgroup.com.

Best regards,
Steve Rumberg
Property manager/Broker

The Home Location / Directions Lifestyle / House rules Money Issues Rental Rewards Visit the House / Apply to rent Qualifying Criteria Questions and Answers